Facts About Berman and Company

Berman and Company (BAC) is a Washington, D.C. communications firm that manages several free-market non-profits and a trade association and provides traditional advertising and public relation services to outside clients. The Center for Consumer (CCF), The Employment Policies Institute (EPI), The Center for Union Facts (CUF), the Enterprise Freedom Action Committee (EFAC) and The American Beverage Institute (ABI) are all non-profit organizations managed by BAC. These organizations have been mainstays in Washington for decades. EPI and ABI were both founded over 20 years ago and CCF has existed for close to 15 years. CUF and EFAC, the youngest of the Berman-managed non-profits, have been around since 2006 and 2007.

These organizations were founded to combat a tidal wave of anti-business, anti-free market Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) that advocate for a battery of laws, restrictions and regulations that attack personal freedom and entrepreneurialism.

Our detractors often erroneously refer to the organizations we manage as “shadowy front groups” on left-wing funded websites like Sourcewatch.com, a label that is occasionally repeated by those in the media too lazy or malicious to report anything other than what they find during a cursory Google search. These same reporters often refer to Rick Berman as a “tobacco lobbyist,” despite Rick not having worked on any tobacco-related policies in almost 15 years. And when he did, it was to defend smoking sections in restaurants on behalf of restaurant owners. Rick isn’t even a lobbyist.

It is misinformation like this that has become so pervasive online—and even in the so-called mainstream press—that we felt compelled to put the facts about BAC in one place where researchers and reporters would have easy access to the truth. Please take a look around BermanFacts.com. If you have questions about Rick or Berman and Company beyond what is presented here, please contact us at 202-463-7100.